Cartier jewelry was born in Paris. Its founder is Louis

In 1847, Cartier jewelry was born in Paris. Its founder is Louis? Frankos? Louis Francois Cartier. After Napoleon III came to power, Paris returned to its former glory, and the ball feast became a regular social event. Cartier was recommended by Princess Napoleon’s young cousin, Mathilde, and grew in business. In 1859, he entered the Italian fashion center in Paris. The third generation of Louis in the Cartier family? Louis Joseph is the soul of Cartierian culture. He has outstanding artistic talents and is a shrewd businessman. He found the designer Charles? Charles Jacqueau created world-class jewelry for him, and won the famous female designer Jenny called ‘Jaguar’? Jeanne Toussaint Bvlgari Watches imitation, and makes the leopard-type jewelry a symbol of Cartier. Louis? Joseph is like a poet, pursuing perfection, and like a magician, can realize the perfect dream one by one, he led Cartier into a new era. In 1973, Cartier launched the Cartier boutique series, including lighters, watches, stationery, leather goods, perfumes, table clocks, glasses, and even tableware, named ‘Lse Must Cartier.’ Click on the picture to view the slideshow mode It is worth mentioning that the world’s first modern watch with both decoration and functionality is designed by Cartier. Cartier incorporates the concepts and techniques of jewellery in the design of the watch, making the watch look gorgeous and distinguished. Cartier’s gorgeous classical style makes his necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and earrings popular with the upper class Replica Bvlgari Bracelets. In addition to the classic three-ring design, animals such as elephants and birds in nature are also themes that often appear in Cartier jewelry. The Panthere jewellery collection launched in the 1990s has also become one of Cartier’s classics. Click on the picture to view the slideshow mode Cartier is not only a symbol of the upper class, but also a classic brand that witnesses eternal love. For more than 100 years,

 Cartier jewelry was born in Paris. Its founder is LouisCartier has witnessed countless eternal loves and promises. Therefore, whether it is a person with a certain status, or a young couple, Cartier has always passed the irresistible love magic. To commemorate the founder Louis Cartier’s nostalgia and deep love for his wife, the perfume ‘So Pretty De Cartier’ named after her nickname is more permanent and unique. Click on the picture to view the slideshow mode Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but with the addition of contemporary spiritual interpretation, the work can be more contemporary and accepted. Cartier, which has a long history, has had many important design topics, including “series of theme creation” and “reproduction of the fine art of fine jewellery”. These traditional design concepts have a profound influence on Cartier. The combination of the characteristics of the times and the charm of traditional crafts is the highest level that Cartier’s fine jewellery collection has been pursuing. In the smooth lines and the clear colors, Cartier plays the true meaning of beauty – beauty lies in simplicity rather than complexity, in harmony and not in conflict. Wedding jewellery includes diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewellery. There are also many materials, such as gold and platinum. Diamonds, precious pearls, jade, etc., but if these beautiful ornaments are well maintained, the brilliance of the enamel will become dull, and the jewellery of Cartier needs such maintenance. So how do you get married without changing your color? First of all, we are going to save the classification of different wedding jewelry. If your wedding ring is a diamond, then don’t put it together with the gold jewelry, but lose the original luster. In addition, gold will also produce scratches, and different jewelry may be stored in your jewelry. Second, avoid chemicals. Some chemicals can chemically react to jewelry, causing discoloration and deterioration of jewelry Replica Bvlgari B.zero1 Rings. It is important to note that some materials are not washed. Such as pearls, Turkish stone, opal, coral, amber, etc. are water-absorbing, they may crack. Finally, marriage should be violently shaken. Although a lot of inlaid jewelry is designed to be very solid, but the violent vibration is not appropriate. If there is work, it is to be beaten and beaten. Also don’t force the wedding jewelry

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