These new rich people are desperate to use a variety of luxury goods

The horse harnessed by the Hammersmith is facing the Paris high society and is the key to business opportunities. With gold and silver and other responsible materials, carefully designed, embellished with leather products, and coupled with the family coat of arms emblem, so that the harness is not only responsible for the temperament, but also practical and sturdy, pleasing. At the time, it was criticized as a slow-sweeping harness making method that began to be sought after by the ethical clan, especially because of its well-crafted, safe and reliable quality hidden behind its slow pace. Thierry Hermes Businesses and bankers have begun to occupy the center of the community. These new rich people are desperate to use a variety of luxury goods to show that they have the ability to compete with the weavers.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence on the name. From the appearance to the connotation, there is not much connection with Greek culture. It is an authentic French local brand name. In Naido, the political situation in France was turbulent. Thierry Hermes left the army and opened a saddlery shop in Paris with his distant relative, Diane, and started the brand myth of the Gaulty’s. Use a horse-drawn carriage, hire a coachman, wear high-grade clothing, or you can’t even enter the luxurious door.

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